The Tennessee Automotive Manufacturers Association is honored to recognize individuals and organizations for outstanding contributions to advancing the automotive industry in Tennessee. The TAMA Hall of Fame reflects the prominence of automotive manufacturing in Tennessee's economy. 

Phil Bredesen

The 48th Governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen helped attract the $1 billion Volkswagen plant to Chattanooga. That plant now employs 3,200 people and awards $307 million Tennessean car supply contracts each year. Prior to serving as Tennessee's governor, Bredesen was the mayor of Nashville.

Ronald Graves

The Director of the Sustainable Transportation Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Ronald Graves' expertise within the automotive sector includes Carbon Fiber, Internal Combustion Engines, Fuels and Power Electronic Systems & Materials. His work affects millions of vehicles that are on the road today.

2015 TAMA Hall of Fame inductees Phil Bredesen (left) and Ronald Graves (right) pose with TAMA President Rick Youngblood.


U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander

During his time as governor of Tennessee (1979-87), Lamar Alexander recruited Nissan and General Motors to establish major auto manufacturing and assembly plants in the state and set the foundation for future auto industry growth through state-led economic development initiatives. Today automotive manufacturing is one of Tennessee's leading industries. 


Marvin T. Runyon

1924 - 2004

Former CEO of Nissan North America, Marvin Runyon supervised construction of major Nissan assembly and engine plants, which opened in Smyrna in 1981. Nissan's light truck manufacturing facility was, at the time, the largest auto manufacturing investment in the state and served as a catalyst for the industry in Tennessee. 


Skip LeFauve

1934 - 2003

The veteran General Motors executive was named president of Saturn Corporation in 1986 with the assignment of developing an assembly plant in Spring Hill. Saturn: A different kind of car company, rolled out its first cars in 1990 and went on to become one of the most innovative automobile companies of its time. Skip LeFauve became identified with the management and technology successes at Spring Hill.